Jeff McKee

I enjoy carving stone the most of all the mediums I work in.  Unlike the painter’s pallet where you have to choose and mix your colors, nature has provided the colors and design.  Sometimes I’ll even change the original shape I had in mind in order to capture the beauty I’d just discovered inside the stone.  It’s also humbling to think that each time I cut away a chip of stone it’s the first time that the new exposed area has seen the light of the sun for millions and millions of years.

            I like working in three dimensions.  I can create shapes pleasing to the eye, such as the human form or in the abstract, like looking at clouds and thinking what they resemble.  Stone can also be touched, it’s interesting to the hand whether it's rough or smooth.  I’m especially pleased when someone who can’t see can enjoy my work.

            I don’t have one special theme, like many artists, I go through phases signifying and representing different subjects.  Sometimes a commission will send me off on a completely different direction.  

            People ask me, “What inspires my work”.  Well that’s simple, the same thing that inspires them to buy it.  It’s pleasing to the eye.  The planning and skills required to carve stone give me a feeling of accomplishment.  That’s one reason I sculpt, the other is I like beautiful, interesting, moving shapes.  Those are my inspirations.  When I’m done I like to just sit back and look at it for a long time and think of what all I went through to get it to where it is today.  And then there’s the fact that you can display stone either indoors or outdoors, and it lasts for a long time.  I like the thought of that; something I created may last for a long, long time.



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